Asset Intelligence Solutions

AiS utilizes a client’s asset, staff, work-in-process and system data in real-time. We process this data utilizing IIoT, mobile application, block chain, business intelligence and collaboration technologies to create innovative, customized supply chain management operational solutions. IIoT tracking technologies include barcode, RFID (active and passive), BLE and GPS as well integration with sensor devices.

With SCM & Environmental Consultants, AiS addresses key SCM Operations such as

Asset Locationing / Track & Tracing

Asset Lifecycle Management

Warehousing and Inventory Management

Yard Inventory Tracking and Management

Production Monitoring and Management

Operations Tracking and Work-In-Process

Supply/Product Shipping Management

Supply/Product Receipt Management

Control Tower Analytics

Audit, Governance and Compliance

Cross-entity Supply Chain Collaboration and Conformation

AiS’s solutions provide Supply Chain Management Operational Automation, Transparency and Intelligence